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Friday Links

Uke Go Girl! are running a GoFundMe campaign for their Summer 2015 Workshop. New Releases – Another lovely, tuneful album from Ukulollo: AWARE. Take a listen here. – I really slept on badass, low-fi punk ukulelist S.L.F.M. when she was putting records out in 2010-12. I thought I’d missed out entirely but a new record […]

Theme Tune Tab Round Up

Now the Tories won the election it’s only a matter of time before they ban ukuleles in retaliation for this. So before that hits I’ve posted a bunch of short/obscure theme tune tabs that have been piling up: Brain Scoop The Red Flag Klovn Quizeum BBC Snooker And the best theme tune tabs on the […]

UOGB Win Court Battle: Friday Links

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain have won their court battle against the United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra. Absolutely the right decision. They shamelessly ape every aspect of the UOGB. Here’s an excellent article on the ukulele ‘fad’ with thoughts from James Hill and Tony ‘Mighty Uke‘ Coleman. Whoever put together Apple Music’s UkeBox – The […]

Ukuleles on Netflix: Friday Links

Howlin’ Hobbit has had his ukulele stolen. It’s a custom Glyph soprano ukulele. It’s a one of a kind so if you spot it get in touch with him. It looks like this but with more wear. Ukuleles on Netflix I’ve watched a few movies featuring ukuleles to various degrees (they’re all on US Netflix […]

Ukulele Flamethrower: Friday Links

Ukes – Tired of carrying around your ukulele and your flamethrower? Make your own Mad Max style ukulele/flamethrower. (Thanks to Rob.) – Site dedicated to the history of Ditson ukuleles. New Releases – The Wonky EP from Lou and the Llamas – Craig Robertson cover EP (pay what you like). – The Jive Aces Spread […]

Friday Links

Videos Concerto for Ukulele Featuring Jake Shimabukuro. Ukes – People have been busy trying strings this week. GotAUkulele tries using fishing line for strings (and The Ukulele Blog considers it). While Uke Nut has a more conventional string comparison. – KoAloha Naupaka. Mango and koa wood, live together in perfect harmony, side by side on […]

Friday Links

Learning – Ukulele in the Dark on building fluidity. – Ukulele Go! on learning faster. New Releases – Brendan Maclean’s Thought I’d Cry for You EP (pay what you like) including a track with Neil Gaiman. – Gracie Terzian’s Saints and Poets. Ukes – Kala’s new range of US made ukes: Petaluma. – Cheezy ukuleles. […]

Friday Links

Learning – I’m loving Jonathan Lewis’s Irish Tunes for Campanella Ukulele. Here’s the campanella primer he wrote in case you missed it. – Garfunkel & Oates have released two books of sheet music for their songs. – Uke Nut’s tab for Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto Adagio. Videos – SydneyUke is going great guns in the current […]

Friday Links

New Releases A whole lot of new uke records: – Traditionalists The Ukulele Uff and Lonesome Dave Trio’s self titled record. – Two new ones from Seeso: Little Brother and Kuya. – Shredder Danilo Vignola’s Ukulele Revolver. – And the experimental williwaw’s poem tones. Videos – Ben’s Ukulele Road Trips – a worldwide trip meeting […]

Friday Links

Learning – Uke Nut has set up some useful games to help ukulelists to learn note identification and fretboard note identification. – I did a quick chording of the new Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared song. Pictures – Pizza lover. – Bear and ukulele. – 1917 music professors give their opinions on the uke. New […]

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