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Robert Johnson Ukulele Tab Book: Friday Links

There’s a Robert Johnson ukulele tab book on the way. Pictures: Martin factory 1925, Melvin Goaté the ukulele goat, Death Meets Amanda Palmer, Don’t you DARE walk away from me, Nick Nolte on guitarlele, gig bag maker and his mule (thanks to Phredd). The pUKES have some sixty ukuleles between them and have started reviewing […]

Neil Armstrong: Friday Links

Neil Armstrong: first ukulelist on the moon. You can celebrate the great man with the chords to Allo Darlin’s Neil Armstrong (thanks to Konrad). New Music: Two solo ventures from band members. Small Fry by Will Grove-White (of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain) and Nocturnal Emissions by Ian Emmerson (of The Re-entrants). Also out […]

Beck Ukulele Notation Album: Friday Links

Beck is releasing his next album Song Reader only as sheet music, “and, when necessary, ukelele notation.” Other books: The Bad Girls & Mean Women Songbook. Ode to uke – a ukulele novelty book (from the guy behind Ukulele Porn). The first book I’ve seen specifically for 6-string ukulele. Release: The Love Leighs’ All Your […]

Ukulele Dav & Arnaud D: Friday Links

I’ve had a lot of despondent messages since Ukulele Dav and Arnaud D’s site disappeared. But now their tabs are back. If you’re not familiar with the site, it’s well worth a visit for tabs of classic ukulele tunes. There’s a new most ukers world record for Japan with a total of 2,134. John Flansburgh […]

Ear Training Games: Friday Links

There are some fun ear training games here to help with tuning practice and chord progression recognition. The first few levels are free but you have to pay after that. Jontom has an ebook-type series of 3 Months of Ukulele Licks On Video: Day eight in the Big Brother house and the housemeeyates are hoeing […]

Baritone Book, Ukulele for Dummies Videos: Friday Links

I regularly get asked to recommend a beginner’s baritone book and I’ve never had a good answer. But I do now: Lil Rev’s Baritone Ukulele Method. The videos that accompany the iPad enhanced version of Ukulele for Dummies are now available to download online. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and you’ll find […]

New Ukulele Books: Friday Links

No shortage of ukulele book releases at the moment. Here are some of the more promising ones: Mark Nelson (who you might know as the writer of the essential Fingerstyle Solos for Ukulele) has a tab book of his latest album featuring blues, ragtime and hokum tunes. There’s a tab from it and a video […]

Friday Links

One of my favourite ukulele tunesters, Nicholas Abersold has released his album Porridge free on Bandcamp. It’s packed with top songs so grab it while there are still free downloads available. Matt Kresling has made a travelogue about his trip to Madagascar with his ukulele and you can watch part one of The Madagascar Journals […]

Which Songs is it Legal to Cover on YouTube?: Friday Links

It used to be that you could only legally post covers of public domain songs to YouTube. But last year YouTube struck up a deal with music publisher. That meant publishers who opted would get money from cover versions and nobody would get in trouble. Which would be great except when Andy Baio at Wired […]

UOGB Documentary: Friday Links

A documentary about the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain The Ukes Down Under is raising funding. Robert Stern made a documentary about them six years ago and has filmed them again on their Australian tour this year. There’s the usual array of rewards including copies of both documentaries and a chance to appear on the […]

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