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Friday Links: Tabs, Canada Hates Ukulele Anthem

Uke Hunt’s annual t-shirt release started this week. Pre-orders run until 26th October and you can get them in the US or in the UK. UPDATE: Both the UK and US t-shirt campaigns have hit their goal. So if you pre-ordered one you will be getting it. A massive thanks to everyone who has ordered […]

Friday Links: Madagascar, America’s Got Talent

There’s a new episode of my favourite travelogue Matt Kresling’s Madagascar Journals. This time he learns a Malagasy song on his ukulele, chooses between a girl and an exploding mountain and objects to a zebu being sodomised. This year’s America’s Got Talent was won by 12 year old ukulelist Grace VanderWaal. Ukulele Go! reviewed my […]

Friday Links

Cyprien Verseux and his crew mates successfully completed their year-long isolation as part of NASA’s HI-SEAS experiment with some help from his ukulele. Dennis Quaid has formed a ukulele band. Videos – Stuart Fuchs plays the world’s largest ukulele. – Flula serenades Michael Phelps. Pictures – How to convert a concert into a tenor ukulele. […]

Friday Links

I released a new tab ebook this week: Songs of the States. It has a bunch of fun songs to play (particularly the Monty Python theme). A huge thanks to everyone who has already bought it for supporting the site. I massively appreciate it. Ukuleles – Kinnard baritone ukulele. – Tin Guitar Ukelear Fusion. – […]

Kala 21 Pilots Uke: Friday Links

Ukes – Kala’s new twenty one pilots Cord Ukulele looks damn fine. – 1920s Kumalae Koa Soprano Ukulele. – RIGuitars ukulele based on Jerry Garcia’s guitar. Photos – Dorothy Mackaill in Safe in Hell (1931). – Various ladies with ukes (1920s) Garfunkel and Oates are up for an Emmy for their ukulele tune Frozen Lullaby. […]

Ukulele Science: Friday Links

Helen Arney will be doing some science explaining on her ukulele along with her nerd friends Matt ‘Standup Maths’ Parker and Steve ‘Steve Mould’ Mould on their new BBC Radio 4 show Domestic Science from the 20th July. You’ll be able to listen on demand on iPlayer (wherever you are, I believe). Last chance to […]

Brexit Sale: Friday Links

The British people, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to tank the value of the pound. If I understand economics (protip: I don’t) that means a dollar gets me more of my low-energy currency. So I’ve set up a discount. You can get 15% off any of my How to Play Ukulele ebooks until 10th […]

One Handed Ukulele: Friday Links

Building – The Strum Buddy is designed to help ukulelists who only have use of one hand. It allows you to tap you foot to create the strums. You can read about a student who is using it to play in his school’s uke group. And learn how to make your own. – Instructables tells […]

Friday Links

Kala had $20.2 million of sales last year. If you’re a fan of Keston Cobblers Club check out the new project from, Cobbler uker, Matthew Lowe Stables. Their uke-heavy debut album is out in July but you can stream it here. How to become a professional ukulele player. 1920s Gretsch-made Tenor Banjo/Baritone Banjo Ukulele. The […]

Friday Links

Ukuleles – Following on from last time’s firewood ukulele a ukulele made out of wood reclaimed from a barn. – Better call Saul about this Lichty cocobolo baritone. – The earliest electric ukulele I know of the Gibson ETU3 (1949). They didn’t quite have the aesthetics down. – Shimo Ukulele Mania. – Swiss cheese Cheezy […]

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