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Ukulele Science: Friday Links

Helen Arney will be doing some science explaining on her ukulele along with her nerd friends Matt ‘Standup Maths’ Parker and Steve ‘Steve Mould’ Mould on their new BBC Radio 4 show Domestic Science from the 20th July. You’ll be able to listen on demand on iPlayer (wherever you are, I believe). Last chance to […]

Brexit Sale: Friday Links

The British people, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to tank the value of the pound. If I understand economics (protip: I don’t) that means a dollar gets me more of my low-energy currency. So I’ve set up a discount. You can get 15% off any of my How to Play Ukulele ebooks until 10th […]

One Handed Ukulele: Friday Links

Building – The Strum Buddy is designed to help ukulelists who only have use of one hand. It allows you to tap you foot to create the strums. You can read about a student who is using it to play in his school’s uke group. And learn how to make your own. – Instructables tells […]

Friday Links

Kala had $20.2 million of sales last year. If you’re a fan of Keston Cobblers Club check out the new project from, Cobbler uker, Matthew Lowe Stables. Their uke-heavy debut album is out in July but you can stream it here. How to become a professional ukulele player. 1920s Gretsch-made Tenor Banjo/Baritone Banjo Ukulele. The […]

Friday Links

Ukuleles – Following on from last time’s firewood ukulele a ukulele made out of wood reclaimed from a barn. – Better call Saul about this Lichty cocobolo baritone. – The earliest electric ukulele I know of the Gibson ETU3 (1949). They didn’t quite have the aesthetics down. – Shimo Ukulele Mania. – Swiss cheese Cheezy […]

Bill Sevesi: Friday Links

Kiwi ukulele legend Bill Sevesi has died. YouTube has the documentary Bill Sevesi’s Dream featuring the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra and some lovely playing from the man himself. Videos – A new Garfunkel and Oates special is out next week on Vimeo. You can pre-order it here. – You can watch all of Finland’s Pieni […]

Friday Links

Videos – Ukulele puppet and pets. – Trailer for the upcoming Garfunkel and Oates special Trying to Be Special. – Lego men help restring a ukulele. – Jimmy Fallon free-throws a ukulele filled with Fruity Pebbles Ukuleles – Port orford cedar, maple, mahogany and ebony tenor ukulele by Mya-Moe. – MP tenor Peruvian maple & […]

Ukulele Batman: Friday Links

Ukulele Batman vs Bagpipe Superman (here’s the tab if you want to play along). And, inevitably, it looks like a Batman ukulele is on the way. New Releases – Another excellent record from, UK folkies Ninebarrow, Releasing the Leaves. – House of Skin & Bones by Dana Hubanks – Sky Heart by Leaf Eichten Lovetree […]

30s New Order: Friday Links

Gus Raucous leads a version of New Order’s Blue Monday played on 1930s instruments for the BBC. The Boston Globe explores the roots of Aaron Copland’s Ukulele Serenade. Retractable ukulele. Musicians sing praises of Kamakas, Hawaii’s royal ukulele family – San Francisco Chronicle Pictures – Pixar artist’s ukulele lesson. – Roy Smeck by Paul Andrews. […]

Friday Links

Ukulele Go! has a tool to help you find chords that go well together. I’ve kicked off the Ukulele 2016 Spotify playlist. Not much there at the moment but it’ll fill up over the year. You can also find a full list of my ukulele playlists here. Ukulele favourites, Bosko and Honey entered Australia’s Got […]

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