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Rage Against the Machine – Sleep Now in the Fire

A———————| E———————| C———————| G—2–2–0–2–5^–2-| x3 A———————— E-2^–2–0–2–0——– C–2^–2–0–2–0——– G–2^–2–0–2–0——– Tab submitted by Tommy Barnes.

Elliott Brood – Write it all down for you

Chords (GCEA) : C#m 1444 G#m 1342 E 4442 B 4322 Intro : [ C#m G#m E ] (x4) Verse (C#m G#m E) Well I write it all down for you. Bitter tea, bitter tune, bitter you. Well you sow what you sow what you say, C#m        G#m           B Still you killed her when you […]