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Elliott Brood – Write it all down for you

Chords (GCEA) : C#m 1444 G#m 1342 E 4442 B 4322 Intro : [ C#m G#m E ] (x4) Verse (C#m G#m E) Well I write it all down for you. Bitter tea, bitter tune, bitter you. Well you sow what you sow what you say, C#m        G#m           B Still you killed her when you […]

Charlie Darwin – The Low Anthem

Charlie Darwin – The Low Anthem C                                                           F Set the sails I feel the winds a’stirring Am                                                             G Toward the bright horizon set the way C                                                                            F Cast your wreckless dreams upon our Mayflower G                               F                          C Haven from the world and her decay C                                              […]

CCR – Down On The Corner

Part A: l–3—–3-3———-2-3-3-3——l l—-5-3——5-3-3——————-l l——————————————-l l——————————————-l (x2) Part B: l–8——-8-8————8-10-10-10–l l—-10-8—–10-8-8———————l l————————————————l l————————————————l Part C: l–3—–3-3———-2-3-3-3——l l—-5-3——5-3-3——————-l l——————————————-l l——————————————-l

Stephin Merritt Ukulele Me

I’m just starting to learn ukulele and I really want to learn “Ukulele Me” by Stephin Merritt on his Showtunes album.  Does anyone know what chords are used?  I have a terrible ear for these things and can’t figure it out.  Thanks!

The King Blues – Duck and Cover

G    C x2 G                                                C Where the hell did I leave those G       C Weapons of destruction G                                                C                                                             G          C Could have sworn that I left them around here somewhere G                                             C Did I leave them in the car G                                               C Did they fall down the back of the sofa G                                           C                                                             […]

Flight of the Conchords – Bus Driver’s Song (Chords)

Flight of the Conchords – Bus Driver Thanks to Joe Bromfield for the chord chart. Buy Flight of the Conchords

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