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Frank Zappa – Twenty Small Cigars

Here’s a little something I put up at the ukulele underground forums a while back that seemed to get lost in the shuffle. Perhaps this is the right place for it. What we have here is an adaptation of Twenty Small Cigars for two ukuleles. twentysmallcigarsukuleleaccomp twentysmallcigarsukulelelead twentysmallcigarsukulele

Kraftwerk – “Radioactivity” (Riff and Chords)

–0-0—0—0-3-2-0-|3-8-8-3-8-3-8-12108-|–7-7—7—7-109-7- |–3-3—3—3-7-5-3| 0—–0—0———   |——————–         |7—–7—7———     |3—–3—3——–| ——————–      |——————–         |——————–       |——————-| ——————–      |——————–        |——————–        |——————-| Am Radioactivity F Is in the air for you and me Am Radioactivity F Discovered by Madame […]

Frank Zappa – Cosmik Debris (Main Riff)

3-1-3-6-3-1————– ————3-1-3-1—— ———————3-0– ————————–3 The mystery man came over with this riff and he may return with others. Cosmik Debris (Live)