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As someone who doesn’t dare uncork a wine bottle without an emergency helicopter and a skilled team of physicians on standby, I have great admiration for anyone who can start with a few lumps of wood and end up with ukulele. I’ve found it fascinating to follow luthier Pete Howlett’s blog as he sets about construction.

baseballuke.jpgIf you’re heading off to see the Philadelphia Phillies this Sunday and you’re under 14, make sure you pick up one of these promotional figurines of some sportsman or other. Although I can’t quite fathom why a dashboard ornament is only available to under 14’s.

Uke playing is becoming a bit of a fad amongst Hollywood stars of a certain age. First William H Macy, now Jeff Bridges is getting in on the act. At the end of the soon to be released animated film Surf’s Up he sings and strums a ukulele. The film also features ukulele evangelist Zooey Deschanel.
Musicguymic‘s eBay store is almost enough to make me wish I hadn’t spent all my money on hookers and ice cream. I can’t think of a single justification for not owning a ukulele with a huge horn attached.

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