Earlyguard – Busy Bee

Earlyguard – Busy Bee (Tab)

Once you’ve mastered the Earlyguard piece I posted before this would be the perfect follow-up. It uses similar techniques but in a more complicated way.

The introduction to this piece always reminds me of Earlyguard’s fellow German Beethoven. The tune then moves into picking notes across the strings. This time in groups of three and two as well as all four. The tempo of this piece changes a great deal and to help play the faster sections, rather than play all notes with the thumb as in Blue Smoke, he plucks the A-string with his index finger. This gives his thumb more time to move to the next set of notes. If you want to make it easier still, you could pluck each string with a different finger

Written down, this piece looks like just a series of arpeggios. But listen to Earlyguard playing it and it’s clear that it’s full of melody. Be sure to accentuate the melody notes. These are the notes played on the lowest string except in bars 20 and 21 where they are on the 1st string.

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