Swedish Folk Songs

According to Google Trends, a higher proportion of searches in Sweden are for ukulele than any other country in the world (strange, since the climate of Sweden couldn’t be much more different from that of Hawaii). So when Jeff told me he was searching for a Swedish tune to play I went on the hunt for a couple to tab out for the uke.

Mitt hjerte alltid vanker (Tab)


This is a little Christmas tune. It has made it’s way all across Scandinavia. The tune is Swedish, it was used for a Danish hymn before the lyrics were translated into Norwegian. you can listen to, A-Ha frontman, Morten Harket’s version here.

Nar jag blev sjutton Ar (Tab)


This version is based on the one I found on this page of folk tunes. The description there mentions that it is a Swedish tune but heavily influenced by German/Danish music. That is particularly evident when the tune slips in to waltz time (3/4).

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