The Strokes – Someday (Chords)

The Strokes – Someday (Chords)

In between hanging out with rockstars and boinking models, at least one member of The Stokes got acquainted with God’s instrument. You can see a clip of Albert Hammond Jr with a uke right here.

They also wrote one song with a few chords that stretched beyond the usual rock power chords. Someday has add9s and 6 chords in there to add some interest. But if that’s not your bag, you can still strum along with the basic chords.

The chords fit very nicely on a D-tuned uke and that’s what I’ve written them out for. I’ve written out the full chords in the intro and the basic chords for the verse (although one of the guitars is playing the fuller chords throughout). If you’re playing the simple chords, there’s no problem with using C-tuning. But playing the chorus part in C-tuning would be tricky. The first three bars of the chorus riff (in D-tuning) go like this:

someday riff ukulele ukelele the strokes

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