Black Sabbath – Iron Man

One of the easiest ways to make an audience sit up and take notice is to play a snippet of something they recognise and weren’t expecting to hear on the uke. It’s a trick that Taimane Gardner uses regularly and to great effect.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to tab out the top ten most recognisable guitar riffs for the uke. As far as possible, they’ll be in the key of C. Transpose them to whichever key you are playing them and insert them into a song or tune any time you think people are getting bored.

10. Iron Man (Black Sabbath)

black sabbath iron man ukulele
Iron Man midi

The slow tempo makes this seem like a very easy riff to play. But the slides in it make it tricky. You could replace the slides with hammer-ons and pull-offs but you’d lose some of the effect.

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Black Sabbath - Reunion - Iron Man

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