eBay Ukulele Window Shopping

The eBay ukuleles I’m trying desperately hard not to buy.

kala electric archtop f hole ukuleleI do like a good f-hole (and not just because I’m immaturely obsessed with double entendres). They’re also exceptionally sexy and look like they should be played by one of the characters in Heroes. So, I’m very impressed with Kala’s new electric archtop ukuleles available in black and sunburst and a dangerously affordable $225 price tag.

Martin stopped producing the 3K model in 1938. Is this a Martin 3k from the 1960’s? Apparently so.

double neck ukuleleFor those of you that yearn for the heady days of 80’s hair metal, here’s a Les Reitfor double-neck ukulele.

The design on this 1920’s Lyon and Healy concert uke isn’t to my taste but it looks nicely done.

Finally, here’s the winner of the most endearingly ugly ukulele award.

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