The Pogues – Streams of Whiskey

The Pogues – Streams of Whiskey (Chords)

For a St Patrick’s Day tune, what could me more Irish than a song from Kent born, London public-school educated Shane MacGowan?

Regardless of what you think of his conscious aping of Irish stereotypes, there’s no doubting he’s a fantastic songwriter. Just watch the performances by Christy Moore, Sinead O’Conner and Nick Cave on this documentary on Shane MacGowan on Google Video (Warning: May contain traces of Bono).

Like most of MacGowan’s rave up songs (and indeed most Irish rave up songs) it’s a simple I-IV-V progression. Add in some fast strumming and you’re away. The banjo riff in the intro words pretty well on the uke too:

Pogues Streams of Whiskey ukulele tab

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