Irish Ukulele Tabs

I’d be happy to be proved wrong on this, but it seems like there isn’t much of a ukulele scene in Ireland. I don’t know of any ukulele clubs in Ireland. It might be due to the strength of their traditional music scene and traditional instruments. Nevertheless, there are tabs for a few traditional Irish tunes knocking about on the web.

Akulele has a number of Irish tunes: Sally Gardens, Drowsy Maggie, Another Jig Will Do, Kesh Jig and The Star of County Down.

The site Irish Ukulele has tab for The Battle of Aughrim and their own version of Another Jig Will Do, as well as a couple of other tunes.

Curt Sheller has a tab of Irish Washerwomen.

And here are my contributions:

Whiskey in the Jar/Kilgary Mountain
Streams of Whiskey
Irish Rover
Father Ted Theme
Fairytale of New York

I’m sure there are others knocking around the net. If you’ve seen any around, let me know.

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