Phosphorescent – Wolves

Phosphorescent – Wolves (Chords)

I must admit, I’d never heard of Phosphorescent when Justin asked me about the chords to this song. It turns out they’re one of those downbeat-country bands There’s no uke in that video, but there’s plenty on the album version which you can stream on their MySpace or download on Stereogum.

The song is in C#, so it’s one of those ‘capo on the first fret’ jobs. Once that’s out the way, it’s a simple chord progression.


The song is in Waltz time (3/4). Which means you count 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3. You strum down on the first beat of the bar and hold it for a beat and a half before strumming up, down, up. At that point, you change the chord and strum down for a beat and a half and so on.

Requested by Justin

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