Maddi J, Evilhamster95, Elizabeth Darling

Videos from two quite sickeningly talented 12 year olds this week along with more gnarled and creased performers such as the New England Ukulele Orchestra, Aaron Keim, Victoria Vox and a bunch more.

Maddi J* – My Light

Well colour me knocked-out, I had no idea a twelve year old was capable of writing a song this good. She has a couple of other songs here. Take a listen to the vocal adlibs towards the end of Away – she’s been listening to some seriously good music.

Evilhamster95 – Feel Good Inc.

New England Ukulele Orchestra – Moonage Daydream

Elizabeth Darling – Du Og Meg

Skip the first minute.

The Gentle Surprise – Love Will Keep Us Together

Jady Lester – St. Jimmy

Phredd – Orangutan

Dominator – One Note Samba

Victoria Vox – C’est Noye

Aaron Keim – Ruben’s Train

Jules – Super Market Flowers

Exoticorn – Pink Bullets

WS64 – Funkytown

mws51581 – I’m on Fire

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