Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train

Every so often, I like to do a series of ten Guitar Riffs for Ukulele. The idea with them isn’t to cover the original song, but to throw them in as a little comic relief. Throwing out a quick snatch of a riff people recognise but never expected to hear coming out of a ukulele is a great way to catch people’s attention.

For the first riff, it’s back to Ozzy. He has already cropped up twice in this series of posts with Paranoid and Iron Man, but this time it’s Randy Rhodes knocking out the riff.

This one seems to be quite popular with uke players. Check out the versions by Gio Gaynor and Seeso. My version is in the same key as Seeso’s, but played slightly differently. You can find his version of the tab here.

Crazy Train Ozzy Osbourne ukulele tab

For the picking on this, I use my thumb for the C string and alternate picking (alternating between index and middle finger picks) for the other notes.

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