The Raconteurs – Salute Your Solution

I was a little underwhelmed by The Raconteurs first album. But their new one has some cracking tracks on it. I think it’s probably impossible to come up with anything but a brilliant riff when you rip off AD/DC as blatantly as they do on Salute Your Solution.

The original is in the dreaded uke key of E, so I’ve kicked it up a notch to F. Being a chord based riff, it works quite well on the ukulele. The only problem is that it’s quite sparse in the first bar. You might want to add a few percussive clicks to keep it moving along.

salute your solution ukulele tab

Strumming: Down for the F5 chords. All the other strums are on the off-beat, so strum those upwards.

The first chord in the riff, F5, is a power chord – it only has two notes: the first and the fifth (no third). Guitarists use these all the time (because they’re lazy buggers) but they can sound a little thin on the ukulele. That’s why I’ve tabbed the rest of the chords in the riff with full chords.

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