Monday Exposure: Elizabeth Darling/Allo Darlin’

The Darlings – Emily (MP3) via WeePOP!
Elizabeth Darling – I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend (MP3)
Elizabeth Darling – Oh No! Another Email From You! (MP3) via her website.

It’s a tough job being a songwriter these days. A good 90% of songs are about getting together and splitting up and you can’t write an honest, story song about either of those anymore without including email, texts, MySpace, Facebook etc. But the pop song has really moved beyond letters and phonecalls. Any reference to more modern means of communication is open to ridicule (such as from Bill Bailey at about 5:40). The only song that comes to mind that includes texting without sounding contrived is The Arctic Monkeys’ The View from the Afternoon. All of which is a roundabout way of me saying I like Elizabeth Darling’s songs.

The first I heard of Elizabeth Darling was when WeePOP! released The Darlings’Photo EP. The EP has sold out but you can still download Emily and stream officially the best ukulele AC/DC here. They’ve since changed their name to Allo Darlin’ (probably due to the fact there are 6,000 bands called The Darlings) and Elizabeth has been putting up a bunch of demos on her website which are some of the best ukulele-pop songs I’ve ever heard.

Allo Darlin’ MySpace

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