Priscilla Ahn – Find My Way Back Home

Priscilla Ahn – Find My Way Back Home (Chords)

A while back I was knocked out by a video of Priscilla Ahn playing a ukulele song. But there wasn’t any indication of what it’s called. I begged for more information but didn’t get any. Luckily for all of us, the song has cropped up on her new album A Good Day and I couldn’t resist working it out.

She’s tuned down half a step for the studio and the live versions (but I’ve kept the chord names in C tuning to save confusion). The song uses some slightly unusual chords (C6, G9, F6). There are also two versions of the C6 chord (one with all the strings open and one in the third position). She seems to use these interchangeably on the live versions, but I’ve tabbed out the version on the record.

There’s an interesting move on the ‘Bubbles…’ part where she cycles through the diminished chords. All these chords are the same shape yet have notes in them (A, Eb, F# and C). Check if you don’t believe me (and have absolutely nothing going on in your life).

After that there’s a little single note run which goes something like this:

Priscilla Ahn ukulele tab

For the final run part of the song, she stops strumming and starts picking. The picking pattern goes like this:

Ahn picking tab

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