Rod Thomas – Same Old Lines

Rod Thomas – Same Old Lines (Chords)

I think this is the fastest turnaround from first listen to post up since FotC’s Mermaids. It’s a fantastic song (and top notch video). A fact that wasn’t lost on the people of class and good taste who read the blog and pummelled me with chord requests. Way ahead of you guys.

There wasn’t enough room to write Asus4add9 all over the place. So wherever you see A49 use 4200. There’s also the A(alt) chord (or Aa). It’s just a plain A chord but I’ve called it that to distinguish it from the more common A chord shape.

Other than that, you’re good to go.

Same Old Lines isn’t out until the end of September, but when it is you’ll be able to buy it on Self Raising Records (the single includes a remix by James Yuill who also remixed this modern ukulele classic).

Until then, you can sign up for his mailing list and get a free track.

Requested by Tom, Cardboardfrog and Ukulelezo.

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