Rag Bag Additions

The Rag Bag page is where I keep all the stuff that’s half finished, bit parts and stuff I don’t plan on ever putting on the blog itself. The most recent additions to it are:

Laura Marling – New Romantic Intro (pdf)

Dropkick Murphys – I’m Shipping Up to Boston (pdf)

Concerning Hobbits/The Shire (pdf) from Lord of the Rings

Radiohead – Big Boots (GIF) in D tuning. MIDI

Slayer – Raining Blood (PDF)

Flobots – Handlebars (Tab) (intended for low-G ukulele and two frets higher than the original).

On a related note, I’m probably going to be switching my request policy to friends of the blog only (commenters, emailers etc.). If I don’t recognise your name, there’s a good chance I’ll just delete your email. Partly it’s because I get too many requests, but mostly it’s because of how few people bother to email me back after I’ve done their request. All six of those were requests and I only heard thanks from one of them (Raining Blood which was requested by friends of the blog). It sounds a bit churlish, I know, and it is a shame because I do get some really good requests. But tabbing isn’t easy, it takes work, and it’s really annoying when people can’t even be bothered with a quick email in response. The lesson is clear: if you want politeness and good manners, hang out with Slayer fans.

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