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Happy Days Theme Tune

Happy Days Theme Tune

Happy Days Theme (Chords)

I thought this one would be completely straightforward, but it presented a few problems. I’m still not really sure about the ending.

In the chord sheet this one, you’ll notice a few letters in brackets. They’re not chords but single notes. So where it says “(A Ab)” you play just those notes on the G string.

When you have to change quickly from Bb or B to C, it’s easier to use the Bb chord shape moved up two frets rather than the open C chord.

I had to cheat the solo a little bit to get it to fit on the uke. I’ve tabbed it like this:

happy days ukulele tab

But I had shift each note in bar 3 up one notch on the major scale as there’s a Bb in the original. If you’re playing on a low-G uke, you could play it like this:

low-G ukulele tab

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