Watermelons, Johnny Marvin Ukuleles and other eBay Totty

Pineapples and kiwis not to your taste? How’s about a watermelon ukulele from Kala?

Another seller thinning their collection, this time in the UK. Current picks include an adorable Gibson banjo-uke and a decorative Favilla with suspiciously blurry photos.

Plenty of stars put their name and face on a plastic ukulele, but Jimmy Durante? (Net research suggests Durante and Clark Gable were taught the uke by Bill Tapia).

A more understandable endorsement with this Johnny Marvin Professional. I think that bridge is supposed to be the shape of on aeroplane but it looks more like a goldfish playing the harmonica to me.

This week’s most staggeringly over priced ukes: Baritone Maccaferri Islander starting at $300, Swagerty Surf-a-lele for $400 and whatever this is supposed to be for $8,000.

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