Hafdis Huld – Who Loves the Sun?

Hafdis Huld – Who Loves the Sun? (Chords)(PDF)

Former GusGus singer, Eurovision hopeful and elf hunter, Hafdis Huld did a lovely ukulele version of Velvet Underground‘s Who Loves the Sun? which you can listen to on her website.

I thought this song was going to be easy to work out and play, it wasn’t. There are very few open chords in the song – most of the time you have your index finger clamped across the fretboard. By the time I’d finished working it out, my hand was sooore. To stop that happening, you might want to throw in a few variations for chords like G.

For the strumming, down, up, chnk, up will get you through most of the song.

At various points in the song, there’s a repeated D-Dsus4-D move. I’ve written it up as just D – Dsus4, but it’s more complicated than that. Here’s how it goes.

The strumming is just down, up all the way through that.

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