Obama Ukulele Songs

I’ve been officially disengaged from politics since February 2003, so I wasn’t going to mention the election. But the trend of ukulele Obama songs is impossible to ignore.

As far as I’m aware, the first uke Obama song was Barak Obama Caucas Carol back in December but really took off with the formation of Ukes for Obama. You can find the chords for the Ukes for Obama songs on this page. Ukes for Obama are part of CNN’s competition to find the best short film of the campaign. You can vote for it here.

And here are a couple more Obama songs:

Ukelilli – Vote for Obama (Chords)(PDF)

You can buy Ukelilli stuff on her website.

Sylvie Simmons – Million Ukulele March

The Million Ukulele March is, British writer, Sylvie Simmons’ attempt to get a million ukuleles to pledge their support for Obama. You can sign up for the march (it’s virtual – you don’t have to get off your arse) on MySpace.

Listen to the song on MillionUkuleleMarch.com and

In the interests of balance: the only pro-Republican uke featuring video.

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