GUGUG Week: Fin Raucous

Fin’s turn for some routine interrogation.

How did you and Gus get together?

I met Gus on my first day at Secondary school and we started jammin’ together a few years later. The fickle finger of fate I suppose.

What are your favourite songs to play on the uke?

All sorts of stuff really. At the moment my top tune is probably Guantanamo Bay by the Space Cretins but anything with a good beat will do.

What’s in your uke collection?

Just my trusty mahogany soprano Stagg and the old battered Mahalo I rode in on.

What tips do you have for anyone looking for YouTube ukulele stardom?

Pick a good tune and be creative but most of all enjoy yourself.

What plans do you have for your solo stuff?

To keep hammering it out and hope I don’t get an ASBO (Anti-Social Behaviour Order) from the neighbours for my troubles.

Visit Fin’s YouTube channel.

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