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The next How to Play Ukulele ebook should be released next week. It’s a little different from my usual releases as I’m not the only person involved. It’s a kind of Live-Aid-for-Ukulele-Tabbers with all proceeds from the ebook going directly to Ukuleles for Peace. It contains tabs by Dominator, James Hill (yes, THE James Hill), Ken Middleton, Mark Kailana Nelson, Wilfried Welti and me. For once I can say it’s absolutely fantastic without feeling like I’m being boastful. I’ve been loving playing these tabs myself (and I got them free – which is the only reason I started the project in the first place). So make sure you don’t miss the launch next week (hopefully).

The first edition of Ukulele Player Magazine is up for download and includes interviews with Craig Robertson and Amber ‘Ukebucket’ Nash.

IZ’s uke in the Grammy Museum.

Get uke chords on your iPhone

The Duke of Uke blog has started putting up tabs and chords, starting with Babooshka.

More art ukes.

MFM has an MP3 of Florence and the Machine’s cover of Postcards from Italy.

Tony Danza pulled out his Flea for a quick song on Fox News. The only clip I could find was the snippet at the end of this video.

Frank Skinner’s continuing uke obsession: “It drives my girlfriend crazy. I sit up for hours watching instruction videos on the net after she’s gone to bed. But at least I’ve branched out on what kind of videos I’m watching online late at night. ”

Michael Leviton’s The Beach Gets Cold on Uker Tabs. And I’ve finally got round to listing the Uker Tabs contributions on the Ukulele Chords and Tabs page.

Friday Timewaster: Stick Cricket.

If the credit crunch is biting, try selling off your used MP3s (according to Idolator it isn’t a joke).

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