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Christmas Ukulele: Ballard C Boyd

Don’t Know Much ‘Bout Hanukkah (MP3) Christmas For Cowboys (MP3) Hippopotamus For Christmas via As well as his work as a director (including the video for Mal Blum’s Ode to Kulele, Ballard C Boyd put together a Christmas ukulele album each year and releases it online. You can download the previous years’ songs here. […]

Christmas Ukulele: Silent Night (Tab)

MP3 Silent Night (Tab)(PDF) In the ukulele harmonics post I promised tab for a harmonics only version of Silent Night. I hope you’ve been practicing the stuff in that post, because here it is. And it’s tricky. This version starts off fairly easy. The natural harmonics at the twelfth fret shouldn’t cause too many difficulties. […]

How to Play Ukuleles for Peace

How often do you get the chance to get some kickass ukulele tabs and do your bit for world peace at the same time? You may well have heard of Ukuleles for Peace already. The charity is based in Israel and run by Paul Moore who teaches ukulele to Jewish and Arab kids and brings […]

Saturday UkeTube

This week’s vidoes include some hip hop ukulele, Jake playing Jackson, Jodi and Amber playing Jackson, another hit from Toy Horses, and Kate Micucci and Riki Lindhome putting their acting chops to good use. But the song I’ve listened to most this week has been Sarah Kinlaw’s Guilty Love.

Ukulele Christmas List: KoAloha, Charnago, World Peace

Dear Santa, I’ve been ever such a good boy this year and if your list says an different it must be an administrative error because the police station was on fire when I got there. So here’s the stuff I want: A tenor KoAloha Sceptre (or at least a concert koa ukulele). Ukulele Hero T-Shirt […]

Friday Ukulelinks

Gary at Ukulelia has put together a list of Christmas ukulele tabs and chords online and alerts us to the Fiesta Flea. UkeToob interviews Merrill ‘tUnE-YaRdS’ Garbus. Death Cab for Cutie to release ukulele song. MP3 blogs: Muruch has eagleowl’s Sleeptide, Foggy Ruins of Time has the very big spider.

Christmas Ukulele: Winter Wonderland (Chords)

Winter Wonderland (Chords)(PDF) Another Christmas song with no reference to Christmas in it but I loved the version by keonepax with Bosko and Honey I had to write it up. In the chord chart I’ve shown the chord inversions that keonepax is playing, but it’s great to mix them up with other inversions. Here are […]

Christmas Ukulele: German Carol Tabs

Weihnachten mit der Ukulele (PDF) As well as his classical and traditional tab book, Wilfried Welti has also put together an ebook of German Christmas carols. Some of these – such as O, Tannenbaum and Stille Nacht – are very familiar outside of Germany. Some of them are less recognisable – such as Ihr Kinderlein […]

Christmas Ukulele: 12 Days of Christmas (Chords)

12 Days of Christmas (Chords)(PDF) Incredibly irritating to song to go through sober, but the big advantage of it is that all the numbers from 12 to 6 just require one strum of a D chord. The best bit, obviously, is the ‘FIVE GOLDEN RIIIIIIIINGS’. I like to beef that part up a bit with […]

Christmas With The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I find most Christmas songs unbearably bad. The only type of Christmas songs I love are the old Pagan ones that have had a thin layer of Christianity papered on top (much like Christmas itself) and one of the best, Down in Yon Forest, crops up on the Ukulele […]

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