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Christmas Ukulele: Let It Snow (Chords)

Let It Snow (Chords) Does this count as a Christmas song? No mention of Christmas, but it seems to have become one anyway. It’s been covered by hundreds – most notably Frank Sinatra – but the chords for this one are heavily based on my new favourite version by Jodi Matthews and Dan Sargraves.

Florence and the Machine UkeTube

I’m a bit slow off the mark with Florence and the Machine. The song isn’t particularly uke heavy (and I’m still not 100% convinced that it even is a uke) but I love the song, so it’s here. Also this week is a duet between Seeso and Ukulelezo bursting with sexual tension, Ken Middleton covering […]

Christmas Ukulele Window Shopping

A bit hard to find the interesting ukuleles this week and eBay is bulging with Christmas present ukes. musicguymic alone has 214 Kala ukuleles up for sale and also a ‘blowout’ on Koa Pili Kokos. But his most intriguing lot is a set of three Nunes style ukuleles by William King. Not long left to […]

Ukulele Player Magazine and other Ukulele Links

The next How to Play Ukulele ebook should be released next week. It’s a little different from my usual releases as I’m not the only person involved. It’s a kind of Live-Aid-for-Ukulele-Tabbers with all proceeds from the ebook going directly to Ukuleles for Peace. It contains tabs by Dominator, James Hill (yes, THE James Hill), […]

Mal Blum – Ode to Kulele

Mal Blum – Ode to Kulele (Chords)(PDF) If they really loved the ukulele, they wouldn’t write songs in the key of E. But I’ll forgive them that because this is a super-cute song with a hilarious video (by Ballard C Boyd who is due a new ukulele Christmas album pretty soon). To combat the E […]

Christmas Ukulele Tabs and Chords

Christmas is coming and time to dust off a few party tricks, so here’s a list of all last years’ Christmas ukulele tabs and chords. More to come this year. Christmas Ukulele Tabs Jingle Bells Rudolph the Red Nosed Raindeer Mele Kalikimaka White Christmas And there’s also my How to Play Christmas Ukulele ebook with […]

Eddie Vedder/Pearl Jam – Can’t Keep

Eddie Vedder – Can’t Keep (Tab)(PDF) Can’t Keep is my favourite of Eddie Vedder’s ukulele songs. It’s quite unusual for a ukulele song and sounds far better and more aggressive than the full band, album version. For this song he’s at least in tune with himself, if not the rest of the world (perhaps some […]

New Zealand Ukulele Festival

Garry Copeland attended the New Zealand Ukulele Festival and was kind enough to send back this report for us. It’s a couple of hours since the second annual New Zealand Ukulele Festival kicked off at Auckland’s Mount Smart stadium and the joint is jumping. Welcome to ukulele heaven. As promised by organiser Kevin Fogarty, it’s […]

GUGUG Week: Get Carter Theme

As well as the chord songs, GUGUG put out a fair few instrumental overdub tracks – usually theme tunes. My personal favourite is their reworking of the Get Carter theme. To play along with the GUGUG version, tune up a fret to G#C#FA# And here’s the bass line (tabbed for bass in standard tuning).

UkeTube: GUGUG, Daisy Dobuyuki

It’s only fitting that GUGUG feature on this week’s UkeTube. And one of their best I’d say.

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