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Buy A GUGUG Ukulele Collection

Before we get down to business, Guitar Center are having a bit of a Black Friday blowout. Buy today and the code SAVE15 will get you 15% off (it doesn’t work on all ukes, but it does work on the Cordoba, Mitchell and Applause). They’re also advertising 10% on Saturday and Sunday with the coupon […]

Amy Crehore, Yo-Yo Ma and 12hr Beatles

You can get a sneak peak of Amy Crehore’s next show Dream Girls and Ukes on her Flickr and find out more here. “”The ukulele is already a magical instrument, but there’s something about his playing and being that is other-worldly.” Yo-Yo Ma discusses working with Jake Shimabukuro. Roger Greenawalt will spend 12 hours performing […]

GUGUG Week: California Sun

GUGUG – California Sun (Chords)(PDF) I couldn’t let GUGUG week go by without some reference to the Ramones (although this song was originally done by the Rivieras). The chords for it are dead simple and so is the strumming. For most of the chords you can do a down, down, up, up, down. The only […]

GUGUG Week: Fin Raucous

Fin’s turn for some routine interrogation. How did you and Gus get together? I met Gus on my first day at Secondary school and we started jammin’ together a few years later. The fickle finger of fate I suppose. What are your favourite songs to play on the uke? All sorts of stuff really. At […]

GUGUG Week: Honolulu Baby (MP3)

Gus Raucous – Honolulu Baby (M4A) Gus Raucous – Honolulu Baby (MP3) An exclusive GUGUG track today (just one – it’s the same track in M4A and MP3 according to taste) featuring Gus and his overdub orchestra (overgug orchestra??). Honolulu Baby was made famous by Ty Parvis in Laurel and Hardy’s Sons of the Desert […]

GUGUG Week: Are Friends Electric?

GUGUG/Gary Numan – Are Friends Electric? (Chords)(PDF) I think I’ll have to do a Beirut on GUGUG at some point and write up all the songs they’ve done. All their songs are fun and easy to play and would work great as ukulele club songs. I worked out the GUGUG version of Are Friends Electric? […]

GUGUG Week: Gus Raucous

It’s always a treat when a new GUGUG video appears on the net. They one of my favourite YouTube acts, so I’ve decided to dedicate this week to them. Starting off with an interview with Gus. How do you pronounce GUGUG and where did the name come from? The name comes from my name. When […]

Super Mario Bros Theme (Simplified Version)

Super Mario Bros (Tab)(PDF) MP3 First off, Seeso cropped up on Julia Nunes’ YouTube Live performance. The poor lad’s cable fell out (that should get the ladies clicking over). Wade Johnston looks like he’s going to be the next UkeTube hero that I just don’t get (beyond the fact no one can make a comment […]

WIUO, Julia Nunes, Minor Constellations: UkeTube

Loads of great stuff this week including a new video from the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra (who you can also watch playing Dancing in the Dark with Uni), Julia Nunes, my favourite Minor Constellations song and plenty more of those very low quality songs played poorly that I love so much.

Ukulele Case & New Pineapple Flea

I’m not sure why it is, but the most popular design for hard ukulele cases seems to be a very Gentlemanly tweed. It’s a step up from the black box, but not as fun as this rising sun case. But the ultimate has to be this koa ukulele case – so long as you don’t […]

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