Ukulele Window Shopping

I hope you all got a ukulele for Christmas. I bought myself an Ohana TK-35G (full review coming up). And it’s lucky I bought my own present as my brother bought me a Mahalo Flying-V. Bless him, but it’s the worst ukulele I’ve ever laid hands on. So right now I’m purely window shopping. Here’s a few ukes that caught my eye.

Ohana have brought out a plastic backed ukulele which MGM describes as sounding like a, “Fluke on steroids.”

Another gorgeous vintage uke laying in the ‘Hula’ category currently massively undervalued.

What the jumping-Jehoshaphats is this thing? Quite possibly the weirdest ukulele I’ve ever seen. And what’s going on with the frets?

It’s not often you see a Tahitian ukulele on eBay, but right now there’s a Cook Island ukulele listed.

“Alright mate, do you fancy buying one of those stickers from a Swagerty ukulele?” “Cool, yeah!” “Great. That’ll be $150.” “Fu…”

The Pathe Club loves Ukulele Dick.

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