UkeTube: Rocky and Balls

I try not to feature two videos from the same act in a week, so I’m fudging it by having one video from Rocky and Balls and one from just Rocky or Balls (I give it about 3 weeks until they’re on Boing Boing). Along side them are plenty of old friends (including GUGUG, Jake Wildwood, the Bobby McGees and Rod Thomas doing a mashup of Same Old Lines and The Sign) and new faces (including Olivier Ruldry with some seriously smooth picking).

And I wanted to post this video because those two are superstars. But, well, I really hope she thinks she’s singing about lollipops.

Rocky and Balls – Beard Song

Rocky and Balls – I Heart You Online

Olivier Ruldry – Ukulailah

Eleanor McGee – Birdsong

Jake Wildwood – Merganser

Mark Occhionero – One For My Baby

Rod Thomas – I Saw The Same Old Lines

GUGUG – I Am The Fly

The Ukettes – All the Way Home

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