Saturday UkeTube

Before we get down to business, two bits of news.

1) Jimmy from The Bobby McGee’s has recorded a jingle for the blog and here it is:

Uke Hunt Theme Tune (MP3)

Just don’t visit

2) If you visited the London Uke Fest and enjoyed it, vote for it in the UK Festival Awards.

This week’s videos include L’Uke and GUGUG trying desperately not to smile, Pilar Diaz, Susie Asado, a rollocking version of the Benny Hill Theme on a Tahitian ukulele and plenty more.

L’Uke and GUGUG – Girl U Want

Madame Pamita – My Southern Can Is Mine

77777STANLEY – Benny Hill Theme

Pilar Diaz – El Otro Yo

Uke Crazy Bitches – Stray Cat Strut

Ian Whitcomb and Janet Klein – How Could Red Riding Hood

Hello Jodi – With You In My Dreams

Ukulele Igor – Jackson Stomp

Poopy Lungstuffing – Dolly Got A Haircut

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