Molly Lewis CD, Celebrity Ukuleles: Friday Links

Lots of opportunities to do your bit for charity and get a celebrity uke: bid on Warren Buffett’s ukulele, Frank Skinner’s ukulele and a uke signed by the UOGB.

Molly ‘sweetafton23’ Lewis made you a CD (but she eated it). You can buy the downloads here.

The London Uke Festival has made it to the final round of voting for Best New Festival. You can vote for it here.

Mel Bay have put up part 2 of John King’s introduction to Famous Solos and Duets.

The New Zealanders are having a shot at breaking the biggest uke ensemble record (are there even enough people in the country?). Mike Dickison is supposed to be leading and even he might not make it. He needs a ride from Hastings to Gisborne on Sunday morning. If you can help him out send him an email.

The podcast/ukulele love-in has been shattered: “Helen and Olly, Answer Me This. Why are assholes so attracted the the ukulele?” Martin the Soundman: “The ukulele is an instrument only a 5 yr old would get a hard-on about.” (To be fair, they weren’t entirely disparaging about the uke and it’s still my favourite podcast).

James Hill dances even better than he ukes (via Bosko and Honey).

Julia Nunes on College Humor (thanks to Cliff).

Jeff’s compiling a list of ukulele scenes in movies. If you can think of any more, let him know.

MP3s: A couple of rehearsal tapes from Howlin’ Hobbit’s Snake Suspenderz, Bridging the Atlantic has a few MP3s from Merrill ‘tUnE YaRdS/Sister Suvi’ Garbus.

Brittni Paiva is a very slick player but, yikes, those album covers.

A man’s got to have a hobby.

Ukulele pin-up of the week.

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