Paris Uke Fest 2010 Off, Ukulele Loki: Friday Links

There won’t be a Paris Uke Fest 2010 (via Armelle).

And speaking of Armelle, she’s interviewed me – using her crafty techniques to drag a few neuroses out of me.

Ukulele Loki is giving away his whole album for free this week only.

Bosko and Honey announce the Safari winner and here it is.

If you’re reading this in the UK before 5:30PM on Friday – you might be able to hear my uke playing on Radio 4. Update: Well, they used my version, but they didn’t give me any credit for it. Here’s the MP3.

U900 release a Christmas album. interview Jake Shimabukuro.

UKDad has been asked to design a new Fluke. See some of his ideas here. If you were designing a Fluke, what would you go for? I think I’d be all zeitgeist and go for a moustache.

Quiz yourself on ukulele chords.

Podcast interview with Rock That Uke director.

Laura Veirs’s Spelunking on Uker Tabs.

Marvin Gaye ukulele in Midsummer Night’s Dream.

MP3s: Circles of Concrete has Christpher Bell’s rather lovely Robert L. Sinclaire. Boston Band Crush has one from The Sound of Growing Up.

Amy Crehore has some new sketches and Tickler 3 is on the way.

Would young Patak have been able to get his hands on a Lisa in those days? Even if he didn’t think it was a guitar. (Thanks to Tom for spotting that).

Photos: At home with the Swainsons Part 1 Part 2 (check out the rest of that guy’s photos as well – like this guy). Model with uke.

Adorable: Cory McAbee and his daughter duet. Go to Behind the Scenes, Rocket Ship, 2min30.

Chipswow interviewed by WAF!. She’s a lot less cutesy-wootsy when she’s speaking French.

In the comments: There was a great deal of discussion about how the hell James Hill was playing Billie Jean so I asked him.

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