Sophie Madeleine – You Are My Favourite (Chords)

Sophie Madeleine – You Are My Favourite (Chords)

A bit of a change to the usual schedule. Sophie Madeleine emailed me the other about her next video and asking for my help (to be honest, with all the Valentines and, “you are my favourite,” talk, I’m pretty sure the whole thing is just a ruse to get in pants). She wants a bunch of people to video themselves playing their ukuleles along with You Are My Favourite and send them to her so she can splice them together. Sounds like a fine idea to me. Here’s how you can get involved:

– Learn the chords (you can find those up there).
– Download the backing track:

Backing Track (MP3)

– Play along with it and video yourself (the rule is ‘nothing offensive’ – so all the kittens in my video died in vain).
– Make a video in .mp4 or .m4v format and under 100MB in size
– Upload the results to senduit and set it to expire in a week.
Email Sophie with results.
– You’ve got a month to do it (until the 13th March).

The Chords

Here’s the chord chart:

Sophie Madeleine – You’re My Favourite (Chords)

The chords are written up in two ways: standard tuning and f Bb D G (i.e. every string tuned down 2 frets). Whichever you choose, make sure you’re in tune.

If you’re playing in standard tuning, I’d recommend playing Am (2000) instead of Fmaj (5500). It makes it much easier to play and sounds close enough – it’s only missing the F note which is picked up in the backing track for the most part anyway.

Suggested Strumming

The main strum is this two bar pattern:

d – d u – u d u
– u d u – u d –

Which is shortened to just the first bar for the Ab – F change in the verse and the, “I hope that I’m by far…” part in the chorus.

The only other strumming pattern is in the bridge. That’s all down strums.

Tuning Notes

Here are the notes f Bb D G for you to tune to:

When you’re tuning down, it helps to loosen the strings too far then tighten up to the note.

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