Ukulele Instrumentals: UkeTube

Instrumentals don’t usually get much attention in these posts but, screw it, this week I’m sticking up for my instrumentalist brethren and going heavy on the tunes. But, don’t panic, I’ve bookended it with cute ukulele girls to keep you happy.

UPDATE: An extra instrumental added, Wilfried Welti doing an incredible version of Bach’s Bourre in E Minor on a Makapili.

Ukulele Safari Oz – In the Pines

Shelley O’Brien – Valse à la Pluie

Wilfried Welti – Bourre in E Minor

Peter Moon – Papalina Lahilahi

gawasiman – Carmen Interlude

banjojug – Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?

Matthew Cohen – Little Buddha

Gordon Mayer – Falling Slowly

Little Microscopic Clouds – Sprout and the Bean

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