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So transferring the site turned out to be something of a disaster. If you emailed me on Tuesday/Wednesday (including about the podcast) there’s a good chance I didn’t get your email. So I’m not blanking you, just email again. Some comments are currently missing – I’m trying to recover them. And if you missed it you might want to find out more about the upcoming Uke Hunt podcast. At least the site is up more often than Twitter.

The story to go along with last week’s flapper drawing. Along with the evolution of a ukulele.

Google ‘ukulele’ and you will find a strange red shoe world.

Craig Robertson has the most accurate theory about the ukulele.

Tri-Tabs has a bunch of new tabs for beginners.

Leona Lewis and Matthew Morrison (off of of Glee) do a ukulele duet) and John Hawkes (off of of Lost and Deadwood) records a ukulele song for the soundtrack of his latest film.

The Daily Growl is offering up a couple of mp3s from Meursault.

Another annoying ukulele boy.

Pictures: Portland buskers (if anyone knows who those guys are, I’d love to know), Sniffs, Celebrating Spontaneous Creativity

Why are all ukulele players gay?

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