Sanlele, Slotted Headstocks: Ukulele Window Shopping

Another ukulele hybrid: the sanlele. A cross between a uke and the sanshin a traditional instrument from Okinawa. Seems to be only available in Japan. You can listen to the sanlele here and some rocking sanshin here.

I’ve never read a convincing justification for slotted headstocks. The best I’ve heard is that they reduce wind resistance when you spin round on stage. Jake Shimabukuro discussed it when he appeared at the Corktown Jam. He says that a thicker headstock gives you a fatter tone but the slots are required to stop it getting too heavy. I’m still not entirely convinced but he has some interesting things to say in that video.

Kala have fancied up their bicote ukuleles and they’ve emerged as butterflies. I still don’t like that grain though.

There are a bunch of charity painted ukes on eBay Australia. This is my favourite (Thanks to @AnIdleDad).

First chance I’ve seen for an Ohana Resonator.

Ukulele nail clippers.

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