Quelbe, Fungi: UkeTube

I don’t know how it’s possible but there was a genre of banjolele-heavy music that had completely passed me by until now: quelbe (or fungi), a cousin of calypso and mento from the Virgin Islands. From the US Virgin Islands, the Ten Sleepless Knights are a Quelbe band (Virgin Island’s cousin of calypso and mento). And from the British Virgin Islands, The Lashing Dogs playing Fungi (the British Virgin Island’s version of quelbe). So I know where I’m going for my holidays this year.

Also this week: Taimane (hasn’t she grown and isn’t she exactly the same), Misty Miller with easily the best song I’ve heard from her yet and plenty more besides.

YouTube have changed the way they do embeds. Looks like they’re setting lower quality by default so bump up anything you like the sound of and watch some spinning balls for a while.

In other video news, Jake Shimabukuro’s performance at TED has finally hit the intertubes. He does his usual, “If everyone played the ukulele we’d all be living in happy-fluffy-bunny-land,” schtick and plays Bohemian Rhapsody and gets a standing ovation.

Lashing Dogs – Medley

Stanley and the Ten Sleepless Knights

Lulu and the Lampshades – Moccasin Mile

Misty Miller – Why Try To Change Me Now

Taimane Gardner – Toccata

Herman Vandecauter – Schmitt Courante

Clare And The Reasons – All The Wine

Thanks Humble Uker

Phil Doleman – Wallace and Gromit Theme

Helsinki Syncopators – Le Poinconneur Des Lilas

krabbers – I’m Waiting

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