Elvis/Fin Raucaus – Viva Las Vegas (Chords)

Elvis Presley/Fin Raucaus – Viva Las Vegas (Chords)

I’ve written up Fin’s rollocking banjolele version of this tune. He’s tuned up slightly sharp for this one. Here are – roughly – the tuning notes:

Tuning Notes

Twiddly Bits

I’ve included slashes for the chord riff that crops up all over the song in the chord sheet, but here it is in tab form:

Suggested Strumming

In his version, Fin adds notes to the basic chords. Switching between C and C6 (2003) like this:

Which goes like this (slow then fast):

Strumming Pattern

And Am and Am7 (0000) like this:

The strum works with or without those added bits.

Requested by Karl.

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