Musicguymic Closed: Ukulele Window Shopping

Some very sad news on the ukulele sales front, musicguymic has had to shut up shop due to illness. Musicguymic was always the first person I recommended when it came to uke buying. I’ve never heard a word against the guy and he had the best selection and knowledge around. He’s really going to be missed and I wish him a speedy recovery.

The Eleuke electric acoustics are out. Eleukes have never been the prettiest ukuleles around but these really are an ugly piece of ass. Ukeku has a review (I don’t know how he could have given it 4/5 for looks).

Roper concert sized guitalele. Unusual to have a guitalele that small.

Some lustable vintage ukes: Martin baritone, Gibson baritone, Martin 3K.

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