Cabral Estudos Part 4: Ranz de Vaches (Machete Tab)

Ranz De Vaches (Duet Tab)

The last in the series of Machete tabs adapted from the Cabral manuscript. You can read the full story in the past posts:

Part 1
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But if you want a quick refresher here are the main points:

– The machete is the Madeiran forerunner of the ukulele.
– It’s tuned D, G, B, D and octave higher than the baritone with the E string tuned down a tone.
– You can tune the A string of the uke down to G, play the tabs as they’re written and they’ll usually sound good.

This one is slightly different in that it’s a duet. The tab at the top shows both parts together. If you want them separate, here you go:

Ranz de Vaches Machete 1 (Tab)

Ranz de Vaches Machete 2 (Tab)

On Ukulele

Both parts transfer very well to ukulele. Together they sound like this:

Ranz De Vaches (MP3)

If you want to find out more about the machete, buy Manuel Morais‘s Colecção de Peças para Machete

Creative Commons License
These pieces with arrangements by Manuel Joaquim Monteiro Cabral; and tab and audio by are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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