Martin Ukulele History: Friday Links

Chris Martin discusses the history of Martin ukuleles. Some fascinating stuff in there – like the iterations they had to go through when moving from guitars to ukuleles.

Bossarocker is looking for some tunes for her triumphant return to the Uke Hunt podcast. If you’ve got any (original) songs you’d like to submit you can find out how on this page.

Jim D’Ville discusses practicing with loops.

Guitarkadia points up a TED Talk with 5 tips for listening better.

The Irish Times covers the ukulele ahead of this weekend’s Ukulele Hooley festival. And informs us that Wilco (???) have given the ukulele a ‘hipster sheen’. Good to know.

Tune-Yards chats and plays with Sound Opinions on WBEZ (via sanfordandsong). And Jake Shimabukuro chats and plays for Rolling Stone.

Coverville has its second ukulele cover mix.

Lots of very stiff competition, but this is officially the worst ukulele-featuring advert. Previous leader: Al ‘Off of Happy Days’ Molinaro in a grass skirt. If you’ve got your own (least) favourite, leave a link in the comments.

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