Leftover Cuties, Crystal Fighters: UkeTube

A Dylan cover from the Leftover Cuties to belatedly celebrate his birthday (much overshadowed on the net thanks to him sharing it with Maru). Also this week: Arborea do a session for NPR, the steam-punk Posh and Becks sing a murder ballad and Herman VDC picks up a timple.

At the behest of JimUke, I’ve put this week’s videos into a YouTube playlist so you can listen through without any interruption. If you find it useful and want me to do that every week leave a comment letting me know.

Full Playlist

Leftover Cuties – Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right

Crystal Fighters – Xtatic Truth

Sarah Humphreys – Jesus Etc.

Thanks to Alec.

Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman – Psycho

Herman Vandecauter – Passameze

Po’ Girl – Sans Souci

Miranda Ceara Rix-Hayes – Shit, I Know

Arborea – A Little Time

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