Friday Links

New Projects
– New ukulele online magazine: Ukulele Rhythms Magazine with contributions from Uke Hunt favourites Sarah Maisel, Kimo Hussey and Jim Tranquada.
Mr. Hewitt’s Middle School Ukulele Orchestra are Kickstarting their uke club (with the slightly unexpected support of Queen Latifah).
– New ukulele podcast: Ukulele Lately.

New Releases
Gaspar Pozzi – El Amor Existe (a gorgeous record that would have been one of my records of the year if I’d heard it in time).
Christmas Is Where You Are by The Jive Aces

Country Nerd Scout
Caravaning ukulele
Una Fleming plays a giant ukulele (Thanks to Karl).

Ukulele round on University Challenge at about 15:20 (UK only I think).
– Also on the Beeb Helen Arney sings about astronomy as for the next Stargazing Live.
Orangutan plucks and smashes a ukulele
Looking forward to this technology coming to ukuleles.
– The Seattle Castaways help light up Seattle’s Christmas tree. New record from them soon.

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