Rebecca Sugar – It’s Over, Isn’t It? (Steven Universe)(Chords)

Rebecca Sugar – It’s Over, Isn’t It (Chords)

Another fantastic song from Rebecca Sugar. The songs seem to be getting more intricate each time. A pain in the arse for tabbing but a joy to listen to. But there are still plenty of Sugarisms you’ll recognise from other Steven Universe songs such as the prominent use of Cmaj7 and diminished chords.

As they often do, Sugar uploaded their ukulele demo to Tumblr and it’s that version I worked from. However, the finished version is in the same key and there aren’t too many changes.

Suggested Strumming

In verse one you can do just one down-strum with your thumb for each chord name.

The chorus is fingerpicked but you can strum it without losing too much. This pattern works well:

d – x u – u d –

For the second verse (I call it that but it’s completely different to the first verse) you can go back to one strum per chord.

Twiddly Bits

It’s Over, Isn’t It? (Picking Tab)

The picking gets a bit tricky. Particularly when she ups the tempo in bar 13 (something you don’t need to do in your own version). The tab starts at the first chorus and continues through the second verse. Then you repeat the chorus section.

I use one finger per string picking so the picking fingers are all in place when you have to pluck all the strings at once. In the video above I play through the tab once up to speed then once slowly.


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