Great British Bake Off Theme (Tab for Ukulele Group)

Dear Points of View, When will the BBC realise I want to watch Great British Bake Off NOW?! Yours, Disgusted of Uke Hunt.

The Olympics has pushed back Great British Bake Off (which is the Olympics to us fat people). So that gives you time to practice this arrangement of the theme. And never say you can’t play it. You can and you will.

This arrangement is in five parts. All very simple. And all but Uke 3 are played with a pick. Although all could be managed perfectly well with fingers.

Uke 1


Uke 1 is just a two note stab played the whole way through.

Uke 2


Uke 2 acts as the bass so it’s played on a low-G ukulele. (All the others are in standard tuning.) The part is just eighth notes on the open G-string all the way through.

Uke 3


Uke 3 is the one fingerpicking part. Alternating between the g- and A-strings means you can let the notes ring into each other.

It kicks off in bar 5.

Uke 4


Uke 4 comes in at bar 9 and is what I think of as the, “It’s time for baking,” line.

Uke 5

Uke 5 Tab

Uke 5 also starts in bar 9 and is the most involved of the parts. Even so, it’s just a few easy chords and some open A-strings.

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