Prince Buster – Madness (Chords)/Al Capone (Tab)

Prince Buster – Madness (Chords)

Oi, 2016. If you could let me go a few weeks without needing a tribute post I’d appreciate it. Cheers.

Prince Buster was the king of ska and a huge influence on the UK ska revival. Madness alone was covered by The Specials, Selecter and, of course, Madness.

Suggested Strumming

You can use the classic ska strum all the way through this one:

– u – u – u – u

Make sure those are chord stabs by stopping them ringing immediately with your strumming hand (there’s a guide to chord stabs and ska strums in How to Play Ukulele Strums). If you use the barre chord version of the chords you can make them chord stabs just by taking the pressure off your fretting hand.

If you’re playing by yourself though it might be worth beefing it up by playing a downstrum on the first beat and not muting it.

d u – u – u – u

Here are both those strums:


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Prince Buster – Al Capone (Tab)


I recorded a backing track for this one. The first uke is an F chord played with a ska strum and the second is muted strums playing this pattern:



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