The White Stripes – Little Ghost (Chords)

The White Stripes – Little Ghost (Chords)

It’s Halloween week on Uke Hunt to give you some time to work up tunes. But you probably won’t need that long to get this one together. It’s just three chords: A, D and E7. You can make it even easier if you use the no hassle way of changing from A to D.

The challenge is how fast it’s played. So start off slow until you’ve got it under your fingers.

Suggested Strumming

You can use this strum almost all the way through:

d – d u – u d –

The strumming in the verses and chorus are exactly the same:

In the first and third lines: Do the main strum twice for the first chord and once for the other chords.

Second line: Twice for each chord.

In the last line: Once for the first two chords, then twice for the last chord.

The only part that doesn’t work is when the song slows right down in the second and third lines of verse 3. He plays tremolo strums there. But I’d recommend just doing one down strum per chord.

Here’s how that sounds up to speed then slowed down:

Ghost Strum


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