Nancy Sinatra – Bang Bang (Tab)

Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)(Tab)

It wasn’t until embarrassingly recently that I found out Bang Bang was written by Sonny Bono and first recorded by Cher. But it’s the sparse and haunting Nancy Sinatra version that this version is based on. But I don’t think any cover has eclipsed the original since Oasis’s version of Mike Flowers Pops’ Wonderwall.

In the tab there are a few repeat symbols you’re unfamiliar with. The first repeat comes at the end of bar 16 with the familiar double bar and dots. That sends you back to bar 5. From there you play through to bar 20 where it says D.S. al Fine (Da Segno al Fine). That sends you back to the squiggle at bar 5 and tells you to stop where it says Fine in bar 16.


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